Dear pigeonloving friends,

Welcome to the Peeters - Huybregts - Pigeons website,

We own two dovecotes and compete separately.  J. Peeters and Son compete in Bergen op Zoom at 'Nooit Gedacht' and 'CC Bergen op Zoom' and they are placed in the Brabant 2000 class, district 1.
Johan Huybregts is a member of  'de Reisduif' in Zundert. He is placed in the Brabant 2000 class district 3 and in the Union de Baronie district 3. Approximately 2800 members enter the Brabant 2000 competition.
As mentioned, we fly separately, but we have joined forces; we have bred together since 2006. J. Peeters and his son bought pigeons from Johan Huybregts in 2005 and obtained good results. Cornald Peeters wanted to make the stock even stronger and asked Johan where to buy even better pigeons. We turned to Pieter Veenstra from  Drachtstercompagnie and Marcel Sangers from Zutphen.
There we bought excellent pigeons and decided to crossbreed these top pigeons and Johan's pigeons.
We have been able to test the newborns at the young pigeon flights. The results were wonderful as you can see on the page which shows the results.
We hope you appreciate our website.

J. Peeters & son / Johan Huybregts.

Te Koop